We proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.                                          
   Chapel for Peace  A Community of Christ Congregation
 Come worship with us!  |  909 West Battlefield Road  |  Springfield, Missouri 65807  |  417-881-4867

We Believe
God is present in each life.
Life is best lived following the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Scriptures provide inspired guidance and insight for life.
All people are of worth and have the ability to enhance life.
People are changed through faith and repentance to new life.
Our mission is to transform communitities, one life at a time.

In Community We
Serve others
Share resources
Testify of Christ

In Christ We
Find strength to deal with life
Encounter the touch of God
Experience reconciliation
Seek peace and justice
Embrace diversity

Scriptures: Community of Christ. Used with permission.
Youtrh workers: Dianne Zweig
Trio sharing: Contributed
Table Discussions: Ted Tinsman
Painting: Artist unknown